Learnabi Presents: Happy Book Lovers Day! What are your favorite books?

Support your local bookstores and keep reading!

Isabel, Administrator

Kristine, Legal Assistant

Carlos, Student

Stephanie, writer

Teresa, Mom

C.J, Student

Javier, Waiter

Go to your local library or bookstore and read for a moment. Maybe you might fall in love with a new book.

Why is reading so important?

Did you know that reading makes you more empathetic? Did you also know that reading reduces stress? Did you also know that books enhance your creativity? There are several benefits to books but, basically, it is important for everyone to read. Go to your local library or bookstore and read for a moment. Maybe you might fall in love with a new book. Reading is knowledge, reading is fundamental, and reading leads to great imagination. Educators encourage children, adults, and everyone of all ages to read as much as possible. Reading opens the mind and encourages those to learn more. We severely undervalue reading as a part of education. Reading is not only about education and imagination but it’s also about learning. Books are essential, books are necessary, and books are powerful. Many people don’t understand the power behind books and what they contain.


Why are you smelling books?

Do you find yourself smelling books? Do people find it weird that you’re smelling books at a library or a bookstore? You’re not alone. A lot of people smell books and there’s a scientific fact to it. According to Reader’s Digest, the “smell comes from volatiles organic compounds (VOCs), which books give off as they decompose over time”. Why do we like to smell books? According to researchers at University College London, a study conducted showed that “more than a third of the 79 participants said the old book extract reminded them of chocolate. Coffee was the second most reported scent”. For all of you chocolate or coffee lovers, watch out! Other participants also said that they enjoy the smell of libraries. According to the study, it states that “all seven of those volunteers said the library smelled woody, and most described it as smoky and earthy”. Also, the smell of books reminds us of old memories or good times while reading. Depending on your experiences, whether you like chocolate or coffee or the smell of wood, the smell of books is an enjoyable aroma. So next time when you find yourself smelling a book, you’re totally not alone. In the words of Ginni Chen, “the truth is lots of readers smell their books in the privacy of their own homes”.

Time to Read!

We have provided the following links to book clubs that are available in your area. These book clubs can be searched by State, City, or Country. There are several online book clubs and YouTubers that discuss their favorite books they have read. We encourage you to search up your local bookstore, online book clubs, writing clubs, Facebook Community, or YouTube Community. Searching by State/City will make things easier but if you don’t feel the need to join a book club you can definitely check out other social media outlets. You can join several different forums such as the Writing Forum or the AWP (Associations of Writers and Writing Programs). If writing isn’t your thing and you’d like to read instead, there are several book clubs that can help you out. In the words of Jim RohnReading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”. Check it out, read, write, let your imagination run wild.



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